Cheap Auto Insurance Online Helps College Students Save Money

Most college students quickly realize how expensive life is while they are attending school. They have tuition to worry about, books to buy, and room and board. Many of them have a car, which means they are also in need of car insurance. Some students still rely on their parents to take care of it for them, but others have to find it on their own. This is why many are looking into cheap auto insurance online, as they are in need of the best deal for the lowest rates.

It is nice if a college student can join the family’s car insurance coverage. On the other hand, it might be cheaper for them to go on their own, as this age usually gets hit with huge premiums. You need the lowest amount possible, especially with all of the other college costs. Every family is different, as is every family plan. This is why it is important to do some comparison shopping, because it will make sure you get the best deal.

The best way to discover cheap auto insurance online is through different insurance brokers. They can provide quotes for the family, as well as for an individual. They will do most of the work for you, eliminating the need for you to traipse all over town or all over the internet. However, some people like searching out the best rates, which is why they take their time exploring the websites. Many insurance companies will offer free applications, making it easy for you to discover which one will offer you the best deal before you end up accepting anything.

Finding cheap auto insurance online is a good learning experience for students, especially when they haven’t truly experienced the reality of bills – the working world is around the corner.


Auto Insurance – Why Non-Car Owners Also Need It

An auto insurance policy for non car owners? What for? Hold on tight because you’re in for a big surprise! A car insurance policy is a smart move even if you don’t own a car if you fall into any of the situations I will talk about later in this article.

If your city has a dependable mass transit system, you will not need a personal car for your daily movements. Car rental services are always there to take care of those times you may need a car for private use.

Along with renting a car, you’ll also have to get an auto insurance cover for the rent period. These rental service sell such car insurance policies. A non-owner car insurance policy is, however, cheaper for you on the long run if you rent cars often. You won’t have to be buying short term insurance covers from rental companies.

If your friends and relatives know that you have an auto insurance policy they’ll be more likely to release their car to you than otherwise. If you are a car owner, who would you consider more responsible: The fellow who has a non-owner car insurance policy and the guy who doesn’t? If you show that you are very responsible, people prefer to deal with you.

Hold on. A non-owner auto insurance policy works within a certain rule. If an accident happens, your non-owner’s policy cannot take precedence over the car owner’s policy. It kicks in only if the car owner’s policy’s liability limit cannot take care of the damages caused. I think an example will help make this clearer…

Let’s say you had an accident with a borrowed car that resulted in damages that totaled $27,000. In spite of your non-owner’s policy, the car owner’s policy will be used if his/her liability limit is, say, $30,000. If, on the other hand, there is a deficit where the car owner’s policy cannot cover such damage, your non-owner’s policy will take care of the balance.

It is good that you know that irrespective of the type of auto insurance policy you intend to get, you can make a lot of savings by capitalizing on the disparity in car insurance rates. This can save you several hundred dollars or even much more. Moreover, it’s very ethical — No shady deals here.

If the possibility of saving $1000 fascinates you, then take some time out to visit at least three insurance quotes site. All you’ll have to do is get and compare quotes. And, it will only take you about 5 minutes per site. Auto insurance quotes sites give quick, free non-obligatory quotes.