Why You Should Do Your Banking Online

I have been banking online since it all began. At first it was an easy way to check your balance. Because it was so easy, I started checking my balance every day. Then I figured out I could transfer money from my checking to my savings accounts with out having to go to the bank.

I was using Microsoft money to balance my checking account and for budgeting and I found I could create a file.QIF file to import into Microsoft Money. This was great because it saved me time from having to key in all the detail from my statements.

When the banks started bill pay at first I was leery about it. But after I realized how safe it was and how convenient it was I started setting it all up. I could sit at my desk and type in the amount to pay on each bill. The bank would then write a check for me, put it in an envelope, stamp it and mail it.

The money comes out of your account immediately instead of weeks as you wait for the check to clear. Because the bank keeps records in addition to your records, you have a great place to start to research when there is a problem. You still need to balance your check book every month though. Even banks make mistakes.

Now what I have done is set up some of my payments with the company itself. Like my Verizon bill is auto pay, because that could vary every month. My house payment comes out of my checking account because that is a consistent amount every month. I have set up as many bills on auto pay as I can so that I don’t worry about if I paid them or not. Now when I am on vacations, my water bill gets paid. How cool is that! This type of banking has saved me money and more importantly time. I still check my balance everyday.


Cheap Auto Insurance Online Helps College Students Save Money

Most college students quickly realize how expensive life is while they are attending school. They have tuition to worry about, books to buy, and room and board. Many of them have a car, which means they are also in need of car insurance. Some students still rely on their parents to take care of it for them, but others have to find it on their own. This is why many are looking into cheap auto insurance online, as they are in need of the best deal for the lowest rates.

It is nice if a college student can join the family’s car insurance coverage. On the other hand, it might be cheaper for them to go on their own, as this age usually gets hit with huge premiums. You need the lowest amount possible, especially with all of the other college costs. Every family is different, as is every family plan. This is why it is important to do some comparison shopping, because it will make sure you get the best deal.

The best way to discover cheap auto insurance online is through different insurance brokers. They can provide quotes for the family, as well as for an individual. They will do most of the work for you, eliminating the need for you to traipse all over town or all over the internet. However, some people like searching out the best rates, which is why they take their time exploring the websites. Many insurance companies will offer free applications, making it easy for you to discover which one will offer you the best deal before you end up accepting anything.

Finding cheap auto insurance online is a good learning experience for students, especially when they haven’t truly experienced the reality of bills – the working world is around the corner.


Bankrupt Economy A Result of Morally Bankrupt Politics And Financially Bankruptcy Banks

With the passage of the poorly-named “Foreclosure Prevention Act,” the somewhat-elected representatives of a small percentage of the people of the country have passed legislation that will only hurt more homeowners. Although ostensibly designed to provide more resources to assist homeowners in foreclosure, the bill actually rewards those parties (banks and homebuilders) who have profited most from the real estate bubble.

In fact, the bill actually provides tax credits to soften the blow of proceeding with a foreclosure. The lenders are now encouraged to keep foreclosing on houses, while Congress allows them tax cuts to make this more attractive. All the while, the banks claim they need more bailouts and the Fed needs more power to offer bailouts.

This line of thinking, rewarding those with money with the houses of the poor and middle class, reflects the popular thinking among the rich, which they have tricked the general public into believing that these policies are for the common good. To see through the deception, though, look no further than how Congress has done absolutely nothing to help any single homeowner in foreclosure.

But the banks get hundreds of billions of dollars from the Fed in below-market interest rate loans, and they can exchange defaulting mortgage debt for not-yet-defaulted US Treasury Securities. This is then defended as necessary to prevent the banking system, which has preyed upon the public for decades, from collapsing.

And banks and homebuilders now get tax credits to lessen the cost of foreclosing on homeowners. The new owners of America are the very same corporations that created the unsustainable suburbs and locked people into homes with large mortgages they can no longer afford.

The general public is getting stuck with these defaulting mortgage loans so banks can ignore the toxic debt and continue operating without having to work with homeowners to stop foreclosure. They have taken the policy of just ignoring the problem and hiding their bad loans at the Fed until the issue is no longer interesting to the media.

And of course, the media is proclaiming that the recession, which was not coming, and was not strong enough to be considered a recession, is now over. The Fed and the government stepped in to correct the problem, and rising food and energy costs and increasing foreclosure rates are not symptoms of problems in the economy.

Did people really elect their government officials to make it easier for banks to steal their homes? Probably not, but that is exactly what is happening now in the gifts given to the banking system.

Americans are being forced to pay through inflation for bailouts to the very same mortgage companies that are pushing them into foreclosure. And all Congress can come up with is voluntary plans for banks to maybe participate in to maybe offer solutions to homeowners behind on their housing payments. We have to keep the banking system afloat, but banks do not have to help anyone suffering from their policies of inflation and credit creation.

With the political power and the power of money in the hands of the banks, politicians, and even the homebuilders right now, why wouldn’t the news and mainstream media encourage even more predators to get into the foreclosure business? It sure seems to be much more lucrative than helping anyone actually save a home from foreclosure, what with foreclosure victims and others paying hundreds of billions of dollars to help out the banks.

“Poor unfortunate credit victims” are the best consumers for the banks to prey on, and they have extended their tentacles into every aspect of the lending system. Subprime mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, high credit card interest rates, hidden credit card fees, and every other junk charge are designed to push people out of the banking system so that they can no longer qualify for personal savings or checking accounts.

But even then, the banks are not done with them. Large multinational banks even have financial interests in the payday loan outlets! Why lend at 6%, 12%, or 29% when you can just push people into such desperation that they take on 400% interest rates just to pay for groceries and get to work and pay their mortgage?

Thus, it should be clear by now to any person paying attention that the whole system is morally bankrupt. If the system were not politically bankrupt, as well, we might see some banks fall into financial bankruptcy without generous bailouts paid for by you and I.


Internet Marketing Training Course – 7 Conspicuous Reasons Why IMMACC Is The Best Online

Are you tired of searching in vain for a legitimate internet marketing training course? Do you feel internet marketing is a wasteland of scammers and self-appointed gurus who only want your money? Are you sick of wasting your time with shallow online marketing courses that fail to provide any real education? If so, I can relate. A short time ago I was as frustrated as you are now. When I began to look for genuine internet marketing training I was confronted with a seemingly endless parade of scams, tricks, “secrets” and so-called turn-key systems that promised to make me rich overnight with three magic mouse clicks. Have you seen these too?

I was determined to succeed so I kept looking in spite of the discouraging early returns. Eventually, my perseverance paid off when I found IMMACC, the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center. The outstanding training they provide truly turned my initial despair into online success. Below I reveal the seven decisive reasons why you too absolutely must learn internet marketing with IMMACC.

1. Integrity

I made integrity the first reason because of all the nonsense I encountered when I began my search for training. IMMACC is totally committed to providing its members with a solid, practical education. Throughout the learning curve you’re taught real technical and marketing skills without the usual pie-in-the-sky motivational filler. Company founder and CEO Gerald Van Yerxa is a quality individual dedicated to every member’s success.

2. Cost Versus Value

Currently, IMMACC has nearly 200 video modules adding up to more than 700 hours of training that cover more aspects of internet marketing than I have room to mention in this article. If purchased separately (and if you could find them) these training modules would cost tens of thousands of dollars. The price to join IMMACC is considerably lower than that. Also, there are payment plans that bring the cost of the program within the reach of virtually anyone serious about internet marketing.

Alongside cost you must consider the personal investment value of the training. Your return on this investment will be tremendous if you take action and diligently apply the skills you learn as you complete the lessons.

3. Online Video Training

The IMMACC internet marketing training course is presented on high quality, in-depth videos that walk you step by step through each topic. No cumbersome books and CD’s. No flying off to absurdly overpriced weekend “boot camps”. No PDF’s loaded with cheesy screen captures. You can conveniently access your video lessons on your own schedule anywhere you have an internet connection.

4. Comprehensive

This is particularly important. One of the biggest problems with trying to study online marketing is that everything is spread all over the web. With each new subject you have to buy another course and pray it’s worth the money.

By contrast, the IMMACC training program is all-inclusive and has everything you need to get your online business up and running in the shortest amount of time. You can learn about landing page creation, email autoresponders, search engine optimization, cutting edge marketing strategies and much more all in our extensive training program.

5. Current

The only absolute truth on the internet is that things constantly change. Marketing strategies that worked well two years ago might not be as effective today. The search engines, particularly Google, seem to change their algorithms every hour. To have any real value an internet marketing training course must keep up with the current trends in the marketplace.

The IMMACC training videos reflect the most up to date methods that top earners are using to make a substantial living online. New education is added to the members’ private back office whenever the company sees an emerging marketing opportunity proven to drive traffic. Importantly, we stay away from faddish gimmicks that can’t sustain a growing business.

6. Generic

Have you ever purchased an internet marketing course that was specific to only one product or service? I have seen too many programs that only teach you how to sell their super vitamin, magic juice, stock market killer or revolutionary widget. Frankly, some of these aren’t too bad for the narrow markets they serve. The problem is that their training can’t be applied to anything else.

The IMMACC tutorials are generic and are valid for any type of internet business. The marketing principles we teach work well for online direct sales, MLM, newsletter marketers, lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, gardeners, auto mechanics, day care centers, pizza parlors and nail salons. People join us everyday from these and countless other walks of life to benefit from our training.

Don’t have your own business? No problem. You can use the tremendous education to market the IMMACC affiliate program. This is not required, but the need for authentic online marketing training is huge and our lucrative compensation plan is superior to anything else you may have seen.

7. Personal Mentoring

This is critical, especially for those new to internet marketing. How many times have you bought a course and needed help but couldn’t reach a live human being? The lack of one-on-one guidance is the chief reason for so much failure on the internet.

IMMACC is structured so that every member has a mentor to provide a helping hand through the learning curve. The videos in our training roster are very detailed but you will still have questions. If you get stuck at some point help is just a phone call, email or instant message away. Now, your mentor isn’t there to study for you or to build your business. The mentor is there to walk you past the rough spots that we all encounter during the learning process. Listen…