Why You Should Do Your Banking Online

I have been banking online since it all began. At first it was an easy way to check your balance. Because it was so easy, I started checking my balance every day. Then I figured out I could transfer money from my checking to my savings accounts with out having to go to the bank.

I was using Microsoft money to balance my checking account and for budgeting and I found I could create a file.QIF file to import into Microsoft Money. This was great because it saved me time from having to key in all the detail from my statements.

When the banks started bill pay at first I was leery about it. But after I realized how safe it was and how convenient it was I started setting it all up. I could sit at my desk and type in the amount to pay on each bill. The bank would then write a check for me, put it in an envelope, stamp it and mail it.

The money comes out of your account immediately instead of weeks as you wait for the check to clear. Because the bank keeps records in addition to your records, you have a great place to start to research when there is a problem. You still need to balance your check book every month though. Even banks make mistakes.

Now what I have done is set up some of my payments with the company itself. Like my Verizon bill is auto pay, because that could vary every month. My house payment comes out of my checking account because that is a consistent amount every month. I have set up as many bills on auto pay as I can so that I don’t worry about if I paid them or not. Now when I am on vacations, my water bill gets paid. How cool is that! This type of banking has saved me money and more importantly time. I still check my balance everyday.