Creating a Facebook Business Page

If you’re a small business or company looking to promote your services or products, then why not create a Facebook business page?

Facebook is one of the top, leading social networking sites used daily by people from all over the world. With over a million users, Facebook has become a source for advertising, news and socializing.

Setting up a business page couldn’t be simpler. If you don’t have a Facebook account, create one. Follow the simple steps on the homepage and you’ll have an account in no time. Once logged into your account, head for the admin panel. This is found in the top right. Click the last button to the right and scroll down to create page. Once here, select a template for your page, click on it. Now you’re ready to create a Facebook business page.

When setting up a business Facebook page, provide a brief overview of information. Explain who you are along with services or products you supply. Uploading pictures to your Facebook business page will assist in promoting your business.

If you offer more than one product and service, you can create multiple Facebook business pages or adverts. See Facebook terms and conditions or go to the help menu for online support and FAQ’s.

Once the basics for creating a business Facebook page have been mastered, there are advanced learning opportunities available. These however do require a daily fee. For this, you are offered a month of telephone support, customized solutions for your Facebook business page. Developer tools provide information on how to attract more customers using your apps. Marketing advice provides tips and inspiration through a number of success stories.

Once your page is complete and ready, publish it. Use the social plugin buttons to invite your friends and family to like your page. This will aid in attracting more visitors.

Add a social plugin for your business on Facebook to monthly newsletters, business cards and emails.

Upload a picture of your company logo to use as your profile picture.

Having a Facebook business page provides a new way to reach clients, and build on relationships with both new and existing customers.

Although Facebook is a good source in reaching new clients, business on Facebook is more effective and beneficial when used alongside a variety of social channels. Host events, meeting with clients can be considered as other social channels. It is unadvisable to consider a sole Facebook based business.

Once your Facebook business is up and running, it is important to post new content on a regular basis. The recommended update is at least once each week. If you are a company, with a high turnaround on products, then you can opt to update more often.

Some companies, who are already established on Facebook, often nominate a member of staff to update social media networks at regular intervals throughout the working week. The more updates, the more chance of receiving new clients.

In creating a business page, you are more likely to achieve your business goals.